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  Yunnan Baiyao Capsules
Yunnan Baiyao (Jiaonang = Capsules) Herbal Supplement for Bleeding & Pain Relief

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4g: 250mg x 16 caps

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Yunnan Baiyao (云南白药) also known as Yunnan Paiyao [ Jiaonang = Capsules], has been extensively used and considered a sort of miracle drug for wounds, pain, and hemorrhage. Unlike Western pain drugs, it does not turn off pain centers in the brain, but instead facilitates circulation, bringing oxygen to the injury.

Stops bleeding, dispels blood stasis, disperses swelling, clears heat, resolves toxins, relives pain.

Use internally for swelling, bruising or bleeding in acute trauma. Also useful in other bleeding disorders including postpartum hemorrhage, nosebleed, blood in urine or stool, bleeding ulcer, and menorrhagia. Can be used internally for infected wounds or for postpartum blood stasis. Also used for wind-damp bi syndromes (arthritis and rheumatism), and promoting circulation in the muscles.
Yunnan Baiyao is useful for any type of open wound and any kind of surgery. It reduces recovery time for surgery by half because it mends injured blood vessels. It does not interfere with Western sedative drugs, so can be used the same day as surgery. By immediately activating blood circulation, it helps resolve bleeding, pain, and swelling. It heals oozing wounds and damaged blood vessels, while expelling pus and counteracting toxins. It is also used for traumatic swelling or bruising; for other blood disorders including thrombocytopenic purpura and leukemia; chronic stomachache, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer bleeding; sore and swelling throat, hemoptysis caused by bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchiectasia, and tuberculosis; all gynecological blood stasis, including amenorrhea, irregular menstruation, excessive menses, uterine bleeding and leucorrhoea,and postpartum blood stasis; hemangiosarcoma and other bleeding tumors in dogs and cats; useful for EIPH in horses.

Click here for extensive information about Yunnan Baiyao, references, dosages, etc.

More Information
We sell only original products from Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd., the only legal manufacturer of Yunnan Baiyao in China.

You may have noticed the color change on the box of capsules: Blue box ends and highlights are for packages meant for sale in the U.S. Green box ends and highlights are for packages meant to be sold in other countries. The contents of the boxes are identical, and all are from the original manufacturer.

Because we are unable to obtain Yunnan Baiyao from a U.S. distributor, we are importing it directly from China and so are receiving green boxes instead of blue. Be assured this is an original product manufactured by the Yunnan Baiyao Corporation!

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Hope again after hemangiosarcoma diagnosis November 23, 2014
Reviewer: Crystal C from Elk Grove , CA United States  
My 9 year old border collie had a  hemangiosarcoma  tumor removed and we started this herb to ward off possible bleeding from the tumor.  The modern herb store has the best prices and orders arrive very quickly. Cost is less than half what the vet is charging.  Thanks for supporting holistic medicine!

Delivery November 21, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Calgary, AB Canada  
Extremely satisfied. Took only a couple days.

Thank you.

stopped nose bleeds November 21, 2014
Reviewer: Karen DiNovo from Venice, FL United States  
This product was recommended by a veterinarian oncologist for our dog's nosebleeds. Within three days they completely stopped

Healed my dog's aural hematoma! November 20, 2014
Reviewer: Erin McIntyre from steilacoom, WA United States  
I used this as a paste on my dogs aural hematoma and the hematoma is almost gone after only a week.  Left alone, hematomas like this can take up to a month to heal on their own.  I am very pleased with this product.

Great product, fantastic customer service November 20, 2014
Reviewer: CD Gray from Knoxville, TN United States  
I am using Yunnan Baiyao in an end-stage neoplasia hemangiosarcoma for my 14 yr old beagle mix, Mikey.  He has had a fantastic life, and this is helping him through the bleeding processes of this terrible cancer.   It was recommended by my integrative veterinarian.   He is also on prednisone and an appetite stimulant.   This product seems to relax him and   promote sleep.   It helps with this awful end-stage cancer and is giving him more quality time.   The customer service of this company is excellent and fast shipping.  Thanks.

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