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Modern Herb Shop
"Traditional solutions for the modern body."

modern herb shop
Modern Herb Shop
(formerly the Suigetsu Shop)

was created in 2004 by Melanie Fine and Dara Masi to serve the students of Suigetsu Dojo, a traditional Japanese martial arts school
. We quickly realized that the herbal products we offered were useful and desired by more folks than just our students and expanded our website. In 2011, we decided to separate the martial arts component (gear, weapons, etc) from the herbal products and give the website a name that was easier to remember and so the Modern Herb Shop name and website were born.

Our original name, ShopSuigetsu.com was chosen because the Japanese kanji for Suigetsu (Sui=Water, Getsu=Moon) represent clarity of mind,
integrity of spirit, and devotion to purpose. As with our martial arts practice, we apply these same principles to our business. Our goal is
to provide quality products at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves on quality and authenticity and never sell anything we would not use ourselves. Although our name has changed, our principles remain the same!

Alternative Healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine
We started off making Chinese herb-based natural healing remedies for our martial arts students, to assist in recovery from injury. We quickly realized that many people benefit from these products, not just martial artists! Along with our home-made remedies, we also carry traditional Chinese patent medicines, liniments, oils, herbs, and other products that help with healing and pain relief. Our products are used by all people interested in healing and maintaining good physical health. Our TCM Advisor, Amelia Jones, L.Ac., is available for specific product or herb questions. Click here for her contact information.

Alternative Medicine for Animals
As dog lovers (ok, not just dogs... we love all animals), we are especially happy to be able to offer Yunnan Baiyao in both capsule and powder form. This special blend of herbs has amazing powers to stop bleeding and has been shown to be extremely effective at improving the quality of life for those animals suffering from hemangiosarcoma and other types of bleeding tumors. It is also used with great success to assist horses with EIPH and other blood clotting or breathing problems. In addition to Yunnan Baiyao, many patent formulas are useful in the treatment of animals. Where known, we have included additional information on the product page of each formula.

Count on Us!
You can always count on the Modern Herb Shop to provide you with prompt shipping, honest pricing and quality in the products you receive. We're always interested in feedback from our customers. Please contact us with your comments or add your own product review.

Customer Service

For any questions or comments, you can send email to support@ModernHerbShop.com or click here to fill out our Contact Us form.

For telephone orders or to speak directly to customer service, call 530.503.7147. Our answering machine is checked regularly. Please leave a message and we will return your call.

Find a Mistake?
If you run across a typographical error, bad link, formatting error or other mistake on our website, then tell us about it and we will send you a gift certificate!

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Thank you for choosing the Modern Herb Shop! We know you have choices and we appreciate your business.

Melanie Fine & Dara Masi