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Eagle Claw Hand Strengthening Liniment Herbs
Dit Da Jow Natural Bruise Liniment
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This training formula is used to prevent injuries to the hands from gripping.

Whether you are a martial artist, rock climber, woodworker or farmer- anyone who regularly depends upon the strength of their hands and fingers- why not use a training formula like Eagle Claw Hand Strengthening Liniment that both strengthens the fingers, and helps to prevent the accumulation of these minor injuries from impacting on the health of the hand, as well as the rest of the body?

This unique formulation warms the meridians, dispels stasis and promotes the free flow of Qi and blood in the forearms, hands and fingers.
This liniment also contains ingredients that are said to strengthen the sinews (tendons and ligaments) and bones of the hands, such as Xie Ke (crab shell), Long Gu (fossilized bone) and Xu Duan (Whose name literally means: “reconnect what is broken “).
More Information
Eagle Claw Hand Strengthening Liniment is traditionally used for training the seizing power of the hands in Eagle Claw Gong Fu and Qin Na (capturing and seizing techniques). This description might lead one to think that this liniment is only useful for a small number of martial artists who practice these very specific skills. To the contrary, this liniment can be one of the most useful and versatile of the many martial arts training formulas. It is an extremely important liniment for protecting the tendons and ligaments of the hands when they are regularly being physically taxed or systematically trained.
Some examples of its wide application are listed below
• Eagle Claw and Qin Na training
• Grapping arts: Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Sambo, Wrestling
• Rock climbing
• Any hand or grip strengthening regimen
• Working with your hands in construction or home improvement
• Farming
• Body workers – particularly those who do deep tissue work.

Grapplers have to tape up their hands and fingers, and many have permanently swollen finger joints with decreased range of motion. Aside from this being inconvenient for other life activities, damage to the soft tissue of the fingers through overuse can create a host of problems.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, damage to the fingers can cause blockages in the meridians, that in turn can lead to damage to the internal organs. This kind of damage can lead to limited range of motion in the finger joints, as well as trigger finger, tendonitis, arthritis, and nerve damage to the hands.

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