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Skin Conditions

These products assist with a variety of skin conditions.

Burn Ointment - Ching Wan Hung Soothing Herbal Balm for Burn Treatment Burn Ointment | Ching Wan Hung Soothing Herbal Balm

The ointment of choice for temporary relief of pain and itching associate with minor burns and sunburn.

Essence of Tienchi Flowers for Cooling the Body Essence of Tienchi Flowers

Essence of Tienchi Flowers supports the integumentary system.

Our Price: $4.89

Gorgeous You Tea -  Beverage for Skin and Immune System Support Gorgeous You Tea

Gorgeous You is a satisfying way to increase your intake your liquids as way to support the immune system.

Our Price: $9.89
Lien Chiao Bai Du | Forsythia Fruit Extract Tablets LienChiaoPaiTu | Forsythia Fruit Extract Tablets

A renowned Chinese herbal supplement, this product promotes the health of the gastrointestinal, circulatory and immune systems. It also acts to support the health of sensory nerves and the health of the skin.

Sale Price: $13.61

Margarite Acne Pills | Zhen Zhu An Chuang Wan for acne Margarite Acne Pills | Zhen Zhu An Chuang Wan

Supports the health of the integumentary system (skin).

Our Price: $26.99
MHS Skin Soothing Balm - organic soothing balm for all types of skin irritations MHS Skin Soothing Balm

This excellent salve is a heavy hitter for skin that needs immediate attention.

Xiao Feng Wan for relief from itching | Modern Herb Shop Xiao Feng Wan | Great Windkeeper Teapills

Supports the integumentary system especially during times of allergy or hypersensitivity-induced skin reactions.

Our Price: $16.25