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"Traditional solutions for the modern body."

modern herb shop Dara and Melanie, the owners of Modern Herb Shop, have been dedicated to the healing arts for many years. Through Modern Herb Shop, they provide a wide variety of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), medicinal mushroom extracts, organic salves and other alternative healing products. At Modern Herb Shop, we provide “Traditional solutions for the modern body.” Many of these remedies have been around for hundreds of years and still have a place to help with the challenges of modern life.

Our business began in 2004 to serve the students of Suigetsu Dojo, a traditional Japanese martial arts school. We quickly realized that the herbal products we offered were useful and desired by more folks than just our students and expanded our website. In 2011, we separated the martial arts component from the herbal products and was born.

As with our martial arts practice, we apply the principles of clarity of mind, integrity of spirit, and devotion to purpose to our business. We pride ourselves on quality and authenticity and never sell anything we would not use ourselves. We are devoted to providing our customers with the best quality items at the lowest prices and friendly folks on the other end of the phone who provide great customer service. We love being able to help people and support good health and this work fulfills us everyday.

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Melanie Fine & Dara Masi