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Teas & Instant Beverages

When the average American thinks of instant "tea", a big glass of Lipton iced tea comes to mind. Yin/Yang Sisters brand teas are very different! These medicinal teas are easy to prepare, potent mixtures of specific herbs formulated for specific purposes. Formulated by Chinese herbalists, these beverages are 100% natural, vegetarian, and contain no sugar, caffeine, or chemical additives.
Children do not like to take medicines, but the powdered herbs can be sweetened with honey or added to juices. They are convenient to use at the office, while flying on airplanes, or anywhere else. Just add the contents of one foil-wrapped packet to water, tea, juice, or soup. Children under 12 can use half the adult dose.

Herbal Tea for Respiratory Support Breathe Free Tea

Organic concentrated instant herbal beverage clears stuffy noses and relieves allergy and cold symptoms.

Our Price: $7.99

Essence of Tienchi Flowers for Cooling the Body Essence of Tienchi Flowers

Essence of Tienchi Flowers cools the body and helps clear the skin.

Our Price: $3.98

Herbal Tea for Immune System Support Flu Away Chinese Herbal Tea

Organic concentrated instant herbal beverage for respiratory and immune system support.

Our Price: $6.29
Get Svelte Tea to Strengthen Metabolism & Improve Vitality Get Svelte Tea

Organic concentrated herbal instant beverage to assist with weight loss.

Sale Price: $6.99

Gorgeous You Tea -  Beverage for Deep Cleansing & Immune Enhancement Gorgeous You Tea

Contains deep cleansing and immune-enhancing herbs to promote good look and sex appeal.

Sale Price: $8.59

Happy Garden Tea to Reduce Stress, Ease the Mind & Relieve PMS Happy Garden Tea

Ease discomfort of pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS) and other emotional imbalances caused by hormone surges.

Our Price: $7.19
Romantic High Tea | Chinese Herbal Tonic for Romance & Loving Energy Romantic High Tea

Romantic High reduces fatigue and backache while it improves loving energy.

Our Price: $8.98
San Shedan Chuanbei Ye | Fritillary Bulb Extract for chronic or acute cough San Shedan Chuanbei Ye | Fritillary Bulb Extract

For temporary relief of chronic or acute cough with stubborn phlegm

Our Price: $5.29

Shou Wu Chih | Liver and Kidney Tonic Shou Wu Chih | Liver and Kidney Tonic

A liquid liver and kidney tonic supporting the health of the circulatory, immune and digestive systems

Our Price: $8.50