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New Products

The Modern Herb Shop is continually seeking to add desirable new products to our offerings. Check back regularly to see what we have added.
If you are seeking a specific product that you cannot find on our website, please contact us with the product name, brand name, manufacturer and any other information you might have. If we add it to our offerings, we will send you a gift certificate as thanks.

Essence of Tienchi Flowers for Cooling the Body Essence of Tienchi Flowers

Essence of Tienchi Flowers cools the body and helps clear the skin.

Our Price: $3.98

Jian Nao Wan | Healthy Brain Pills Jian Nao Wan | Healthy Brain Pills

A well-known tonic used for support of memory and concentration.

Our Price: $5.25
Tienchi Powder Steamed | Notoginseng (prepared) Tienchi Powder Steamed

A valued longevity blood tonic to strengthen the constitution and support healthy body functions.

Our Price: $9.90

Xiao Feng Wan for relief from itching | Modern Herb Shop Xiao Feng San | Extract Powder

Provides temporary relief from the pain and itching of most allergic or hypersensitivity-induced skin reactions.

Our Price: $28.59

A hemostatic powder that supports circulation Yunnan Baiyao Tong-Shu Capsule

Promotes healthy blood circulation and immune system. Promotes relaxation of tendons and muscles.

Sale Price: $14.59