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Yunnan Baiyao Products

Due to labeling issues, the U.S. FDA has banned importation into the U.S. of all products containing Yunnan Baiyao herbal formula. As soon as a U.S. Distributor makes these products available in approved packaging, we will resume sale.

If you wish to be notified when a particular product is back in stock, please visit the product page and click on the "Email me when back in stock" link located there. For all other questions, please contact us here.

Yunnan Baiyao Yunnan Baiyao

A very popular product for overall internal and external health.

A hemostatic powder that supports circulation Yunnan Baiyao Capsules

Promotes the health of the immune system, the circulatory system, and the health of the blood; and to help maintain regularity and the body's natural balance.

Our Price: $9.89