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Best Massage Oils

These are some of our favorite massage oils.
NOTE: They are primarily for relieving pain in sore areas. With the exception of the MHS Pain Relief Aromatherapy Massage Oil, they are not meant for full body massage.

Chan Yat Hing Wok Lok Medicated Massage Oil | Huo Luo Oil for old, lingering muscle aches and arthritic pain that is worsened by cold. Chan Yat Hing Wok Lok Medicated Massage Oil

Strong and penetrates fast for temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints such
as arthritis, simple backache, sprains, strains, and bruises.

Our Price: $10.79

Die Da Wan Hua Liniment for bruising | Modern Herb Shop Die Da Wan Hua Oil

This is an excellent liniment for injuries where a hardened mass has formed; and is used by healthcare practitioners for guasha.

Imada Red Flower Analgesic Warming Massage Oil for Muscles & Joints Imada Red Flower Analgesic Massage Oil

A warming oil for temporary relief of aches and pains made worse by cold; also useful as a pre-training muscle liniment.

Our Price: $5.79

Kwan Loong Pain Relieving Aromatic Oil for Tight Muscles & Sore Knees Kwan Loong Pain Relieving Aromatic Oil

Use for quick temporary relief of dizziness, headaches, motion sickness, blocked nose, insect bites, aches and pains.

Our Price: $9.45

MHS Massage Oil relieves and soothes the body, mind and spirit MHS Massage Oil

A hand-crafted blend of oils to relieve and soothe the body, mind and soul. It penetrates well, smooths the skin and soothes all over.

Po Sum On Chinese Massage Oil for Sore, Tight Muscles, Knees & Joints Po Sum On Chinese Massage Oil or Salve

Excellent all-purpose formula for sore, tight inflexible muscles, stiff knees or knee pain, sore joints and tight backs.

Wong Lop Kong Medicated Oil Wong Lop Kong Medicated Oil

A strongly penetrating massage oil used for deep bruising.

Our Price: $12.96