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Neutral Oils & Liniments

Generally speaking,neutral oils and liniments have a combination of qualities of both the warming and cooling herbs which overall makes the temperature neutral. When applied, it will feel neither overly warm nor overly cool.

Use one of these when you are not sure whether warming or cooling would be better.

Die Da Wan Hua Liniment for bruising | Modern Herb Shop Die Da Wan Hua Oil

This is an excellent liniment for injuries where a hardened mass has formed; and is used by healthcare practitioners for guasha.

Our Price: $4.75

MHS Aromatherapy Massage Oil relieves and soothes the body and the mind MHS Massage Oil

A custom blend of essential oils to relieve and soothe the body and mind. It penetrates well, smooths the skin and soothes with a pleasant scent.

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Wong Family Iron Palm Jow for training support MHS Wong Family Iron Palm Jow

A special blend of herbs specific for Iron Palm training and recommended by Sifu Rik Kellerman.

Our Price: $34.50

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Tieh Ta Yao Gin Liniment for bruising | Modern Herb Shop Tieh Ta Yao Gin | Die Da Yao Jing

Excellent for deep bruises and serious sprains, strains, or muscle pulls.

Our Price: $4.95