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Cooling Patches & Plasters

Generally speaking, cooling patches and plasters clear heat, dispel stasis, cool the blood and expel wind-damp from the channels. These effects support the circulatory system and alleviate the temporary aches and pains of sore muscles, minor headaches, and itchy rashes.

The products in this category may be useful for post-workout soreness, or any aches and pains where applying heat makes it feel worse and ice or coolness makes it feel better.

Foam Underwrap Foam Underwrap

Foam Underwrap is a polyurethane foam substrate that is strong, highly porous, non-adhesive tape used directly on the skin. Highly recommended as a wrap for MHS Three Yellow Powder.

Our Price: $2.49

MHS San Huang San MHS San Huang San | 3 Yellow Powder

The premiere external poultice used by active martial artists and professional athletes.