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Longevity Soup Mix
Longevity Soup Mix
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The combination of various flavors and properties in this soup can soothe the mind and relax agitation; making it a perfect tonic to encourage restful sleep, relieve stress, and strengthen immunity.
This delicious, nourishing herbal soup mix packet is easy to prepare.

This is a recipe suitable for those of us who may tend to stay up too late, work too much and “burn the candle at both ends” which can result in a restless mind with sleep disturbance and possibly a difficult time focusing on the task at hand!

In this recipe, Ling zhi is sweet and slightly bitter in taste, and slightly warm or neutral in temperature. It enters the Heart, Lung and Liver meridians and can replenish the Heart blood, calm the mind, and soothe the Liver. Ling zhi is helpful for restlessness, forgetfulness and physical and mental fatigue caused by Qi and Blood deficiency. Used long-term, it is supportive for the immune system and protects the body from everyday stress.

Bai he is a Yin tonic that also sweet and slightly bitter, entering the Heart and Lung meridians to clear Heat from the Heart and calm the Spirit. It calms agitation and moistens the Lungs. Some sources say that Bai he supports the Spleen and Lungs to allow for proper fluid metabolism.

Lian zi is a sweet, neutral and astringent herb that enters the Heart and Kidney meridians, especially good for supporting the communication between the Heart and the Kidneys and to calm the Heart and mind. Some sources consider Lian zi to be a longevity herb to slow the aging process.

Tao Ren is used in this recipe to gently invigorate the blood and moisten dryness. It is bitter, sweet and neutral in temperature, while also high in protein and fiber. Tao ren also contains linoleic acid which can provide moisture to the skin.

Lastly, we have Bai mu er, a wild, edible fungus that is also known as “snow ear mushroom” and is said to have antioxidant properties that nourish the brain and promote health and longevity. As another Yin tonic in the recipe, it enters the Lung and Stomach meridians to clear Heat, generate fluids, and moisten dryness.

Everything in this soup can be eaten, and we hope you enjoy this extremely nourishing and protective tonic!

Recipe courtesy of Mayway Herbs

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