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5 of 5 Help from Lion's Mane May 25, 2024
Reviewer: Bob from Seattle WA USA  
The Lion's Mane combo continues to provide great relief from the neuropathy/radiculopathy that shows as electric shocks in my feet, keeping me from being able to fall asleep. The incidents are less than half as often as prior to taking these mushrooms.

5 of 5 Great product, will buy again. May 22, 2024
Reviewer: Vaug  
Quality is great. Love the transparency with beta glucan counts. Customer service is great as well.

5 of 5 Thankful May 10, 2024
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Chicago, IL United States  
I am sleeping better.  Digestion is better.  I purchased to help with ADHD and I have been using for almost a month and I can absolutely tell there is a difference in how quickly I can remember things vs before.  My anxiety is also at an all-time LOW. I will be ordering again

5 of 5 Great! March 25, 2024
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Carlisle, MA United States  
I have been taking lion's mane as a tea for a while and switched to the capsules. This is by far more potent, and feeling more clarity around the day-to-day fogginess I used to have.

5 of 5 Brain Fog Be Gone! March 18, 2024
Reviewer: Garry Hayman from San Francisco  
I’ve taken these every day for except for one day and expo for that one day I have not experienced any brain fog. I’m pleasantly surprised!

5 of 5 Good packaging February 8, 2024
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Canada  
Good packaging including all of the informations about the products and dosages. Shipping was a little late, like 2 or 3 days but was kept at the mail office until i reclaim it.

5 of 5 Lion's Mane for neuropathy issues January 20, 2024
Reviewer: Bob W from Seattle WA USA  
I have a condition that has been diagnosed as a combo of peripheral neuropathy and radiculopathy. The symptom is mild tingling up to electric shock feeling in very specific spots in my feet that have made it very difficult to fall asleep. After two rounds of ORIVeDa's Lion's Mane Combi Pak, I have had significant lessening of the symptoms, and have therefore had much better sleep. I am unaware of any other life changes that would have contributed to this positive change. At some point I will suspend use the mushrooms to see if symptoms return, but I'm in no hurry to try that.

5 of 5 Truly amazing!! December 13, 2023
Reviewer: Blake  
The increase in memory and aid to my recover was mind blowing! I was skeptical at first due to ordering other products that after a little research turned out to be very low quality. ORIVEDA all the way!

5 of 5 Lion's mane October 17, 2023
Reviewer: Peter from Victoria, BC Canada  
2nd order for me. Love how the product sharpens the thinking and reduces my stress. Will keep ordering.

5 of 5 Seems to help with brain fog September 12, 2023
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from NJ  
Seems to help with brain fog. Didn’t see any obvious help with digestion.’

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