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Shan Zha | Hawthorn Berry Fruit
Shan Zha | Hawthorn Berry Fruit supports heart health
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Hawthorn Berry, 山楂-無硫磺, Hawthorne Berry, Crataegus pinnatifida fruit, (also called haws or thorn apples) is a gentle heart tonic that nurtures the entire circulatory system. There are a lot of known cardiovascular benefits and It is widely recommended as a tonic for support of people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and some heart conditions.
Used in conjunction with a healthy diet and stress management, hawthorn is an excellent tonic for persons who have a family history of heart disease. Considered a safe and effective long-term tonic for the aging heart, hawthorn is not habit forming, accumulative or toxic.
These are premium quality, unsulphured, processed as naturally as possible in GMP certified facilities, and tested for pesticide residues, microbiological content and heavy metals.

Great for snacking. Check out these recipes.

TCM Properties: sour, sweet, slightly warm, Liver, Spleen, Stomach.
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Hawthorn is a common thorny shrub in the rose family that grows up to 5 feet tall on hillsides and in sunny wooded areas throughout the world. Its flowers bloom in May. They grow in small white, red, or pink clusters. Small berries, called haws, sprout after the flowers. They are usually red when ripe, but they may also be black. Hawthorn leaves are shiny and grow in a variety of shapes and sizes. What can you do with hawthorn berries?

  • make herbal vinegar with hawthorn berries
  • make a liqueur
  • make a tincture
  • make an aperitif
  • make an infusion
  • make hawthorn jelly
  • eat the berries as a snack
  • make fruit leather
  • make a sauce
Check out these recipes.

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