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What's in Your First Aid Kit?
Last Updated: 09/11/2011
These items should be a part of everyone's home first aid kit:

Highlighted items are sold here! The rest of the items may be found at your local pharmacy or Chinese herb store.

1 bottle      Dit Da Jow Bruise Liniment
1 box          Die Da Wan Trauma pills
1 pkg          Yunnan paiyao powder
1 pkg          Yunnan paiyao capsules
1 tube        Ching Wan Hung burn ointment
1 bottle      Black Ghost Oil
1 jar           San Huang San Herbal "Ice" powder
1 jar           San Huang San Herbal "Ice" pre-mixed
1 box         YNBY Plaster
1 box         Wu Yang pain-relieving plasters
1 can         701 Plasters
6-10           rolled underwrap or guaze
2-3 rolls     self-adhering bandages (tape)

1 box         pellets or seeds, to stimulate ear points
2               moxa poles
15-20         guaze pads
2-3            elastic bandages
2-3            self-adhering elastic bandages
1 pr            scissors
1 pair         tweezers
30-40         bandaids, variety sizes
1               triangular bandage to make a sling
10             lancets
1               unbreakable plastic bottle (to dispose of lancets)

These items, recommended by Tom Bisio in the book A Tooth From the Tiger's Mouth, make up a comprehensive Chinese Sports Medicine First Aid Kit.

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