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Yunnan Baiyao Testimonial
Last Updated: 02/07/2012
TESTIMONIAL (Veterinary): "The Hope Center has found Yunnan Baiyao to be beneficial in both our oncology and emergency patients for many reasons. Patients with excessive bleeding caused by trauma, hemorrhagic pericardial effusion, bleeding skin tumors, and hemorrhagic abdominal effusion may benefit from this Chinese herbal supplement. Patients with single or multiple internal masses are prone to bleeding or can sometimes rupture causing a large amount of blood to build up in the abdomen.
The patients we expect to benefit the most from this product include: hemangiosarcoma, heart based tumors, liver tumors, mast cell tumors, any bleeding nasal tumor, and some types of melanomas. Unfortunately most tumors have the potential to bleed either due to their type and/or location. We have been using both the oral and topical form of the Yunnan Baiyao.
The red pills are used for acute bleeding or discovery of acute bleeding. We have recently started using the red pill on the day of surgery, such as stable splenectomies. If the red pill is used in acute emergencies, we will start the regular capsules 2-6 hours later. We dose our pets as follows: Cats and dogs <10 lbs 1EOD, dogs 11-20 lbs 1 every 24 hours, 21-89 lbs 1 every 12 hours, >90 lbs 2 every 12 hours.
With some cases as they progress in their disease, the tumors grow larger, or the bleeding/oozing is more frequent we may have the owners increase the frequency to every 6-8 hours. "

Tessa Bowers, LVT, VTS (Anesthesia)
The Hope Center, Oncology Department, Vienna, VA.
Lead Technician

Editor's Note: This testimonial is provided as anecdotal evidence of successful treatment using Yunnan Baiyao. The dosages stated are NOT clinically proven/tested by Western medicine/pharmaceutical standards nor endorsed by the manufacturer (who provides no dosage information for animals).

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