Practical Guide to Liniments, Oils, and Plasters

Popular Oils and Plasters

Use the chart below to assist you in picking the correct product for your condition. Remember there are countless formulas and these are only a few of the more popular and useful products. Check the various webshop categories for more products and complete descriptions of each one.

Product Name with Link Category Code Description
701 Plaster O Great for heel spurs and plantar fasciatis
Ching Wan Hung
A Best burn cream, heals tissue, can be applied to open wounds to reduce scarring, heals bleeding hemorrhoids.
Dit Da Jow
T Acute injury with redness and swelling
Hua Tuo Plasters
Green Oil
M Cool
Gou Pi Analgesic Plasters
Kwan Loong Oil
Cool, Stops Itching
MHS Pain Relief Oil
Neutral to Warm, great for cold joint pain
Po Sum On Oil
Sore muscles
Imada Red Flower Oil
O,M Sore muscles, cold & stiff joints
Salonpas Patches
O,M Warm to neutral, focused on pain
Tiger Balm, Red
O,M Warm
Tiger Balm, White
M Neutral, Cool
White Flower Oil
M Cool, Insect bites
Woodlock Oil
M Warm
Wu Yang Plaster
T Better than ice, when San Huang San (Herbal Ice) is not available or inconvenient
Yunnan Baiyao Plaster
M Neutral to Slightly Cool
Yunnan Baiyao Powder
B,A THE Stop-Bleeding Powder
Zheng Gu Shui
Great for any type of joint pain; speeds healing of broken bones

Category Code Key:

T = Tissue damage from trauma, strains, tears, contusions, and bruises .
They tend to be very good at tissue repair and healing, reducing pain and swelling.

B = Bleeding, external and internal, severe bruising.
Stop bleeding powders can be packed into deep cuts. It can also be taken internally for possible internal bleeding (seek medical attention). Internally it is useful to control heavy menstrual bleeding. The red pill that is often packaged with the formula is to be used when there is severe trauma with the possibility of the patient going into shock. (Again, seek medical attention)

J = Joint strain or sprain
This is a variation on the Dit Da Jow formula that is specific for "white" tissue, i.e. tendons and ligaments. Great for any joint pain, carpal tunnel, etc.

M = Over-worked exhausted muscles, general after-workout soreness and pain.
These are common muscles rubs with menthol and camphor. Good for general pain relief.

O = Old (cold) injury aches and pains.
No redness or swelling. Heat applied to the area feels good. This is especially true of old injuries that have been over iced, or controlled through over the counter painkillers. These are formulas with Warm and hot herbs.

R = Re-injured joints or other tissue.
No redness to tissue, possible water or swelling around the joint, dull achy pain. Most of these are musk-based formulas; other camphor/menthol-based formulas can also do well in these situations.

A= Abrasions, cuts, "mat burns" and open wounds
These formulas are specifically made to use on broken tissue, and are specific in their ability to heal tissue and stop bleeding. They are good on open cracked skin, cuts and abrasions, as well as burns.

This chart is the partially reproduced original work published by
David Bock C.Ac. Dipl.Ac. Dipl.CH.
Wisconsin Certified Acupuncturist, NCCAOM National Board Certified in Acupuncture and
Chinese Herbology, author of the online column "The Practical Herbalist" aT