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Herbal Tea for Respiratory Support Breathe Free Tea

Organic concentrated instant herbal beverage clears stuffy noses and relieves allergy and cold symptoms.

Our Price: $7.99

Herbal Tea for Immune System Support Flu Away Chinese Herbal Tea

Organic concentrated instant herbal beverage for respiratory and immune system support.

Our Price: $6.29
Get Svelte Tea to Strengthen Metabolism & Improve Vitality Get Svelte Tea

Organic concentrated herbal instant beverage to assist with weight loss.

Sale Price: $6.99

Gorgeous You Tea -  Beverage for Deep Cleansing & Immune Enhancement Gorgeous You Tea

Contains deep cleansing and immune-enhancing herbs to promote good look and sex appeal.

Sale Price: $8.59

Happy Garden Tea to Reduce Stress, Ease the Mind & Relieve PMS Happy Garden Tea

Ease discomfort of pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS) and other emotional imbalances caused by hormone surges.

Our Price: $7.19
Romantic High Tea | Chinese Herbal Tonic for Romance & Loving Energy Romantic High Tea

Romantic High reduces fatigue and backache while it improves loving energy.

Our Price: $8.98