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Why Oriveda?

The Oriveda brand was introduced in 2010. The brand’s focus is on offering functional mushroom extracts of superior quality; resulting in the best possible products and optimal value-for-money.

The business concept is based on common sense, logic and pragmatism. Quality and safety claims should always be supported by objective third party lab reports.
Oriveda products are tested by independent third party laboratories, not just for safety (heavy metals) but in particular for active ingredients. Don't take our word for it when we claim premium quality - you can actually verify it. The so-called ‘Certificates of Analysis’ are public domain, accessible for all. You should ask yourself why other vendors do not do the same or use fake reports (no lab name on the report? Fake!)

ORIVEDA is a registered brand name of ORIGO Holding BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

ORIVeDA ABM Extract ORIVeDA ABM | Agaricus blazei Extract

One of the better mushrooms for support of modulating and balancing the immune system, including blood sugar and cholesterol levels

Our Price: $72.95

ORIVeDA CCCE a powerful immune system supporting beta-glucan mushroom extract formula ORIVeDA CCCE Mushroom Complex

CCCE is a powerful combination of Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, Maitake and Turkey Tail  for a super boost assist  when your immune system is overloaded and your body is pushing its limits.

Our Price: $75.95

ORIVeDA Chaga Extract ORIVeDA Chaga Extract | Bai Hua Rong

Rich in trace minerals and anti-oxidants, Chaga supports the modulating and balancing of the immune system.

Our Price: $69.95

ORIVeDA Cordyceps Extract ORIVeDA Cordyceps C+ Extract | Chong cao

Provides outstanding support   for the lungs and respiratory system in general.

Our Price: $72.95

ORIVeDA Grifolan Maitake ORIVeDA Grifolan Maitake Extract

Maitake is considered the 'King of Immunity' and supports the immune system.

Our Price: $82.95

ORIVeDA Lion's Mane Combi Pak ORIVeDA Lion's Mane Combi Pak | Yamabushitake

Lion's Mane is renowned for providing support to the brain and
nervous systems.

Our Price: $79.95

Turkey Tail | Yun zhi | Coriolus versicolor PSP-50 ORIVeDA PSP-50 Turkey Tail | Yun zhi

Supremely beneficial in support of the immune system and the body's fight to recover from immune-compromising treatments.

Our Price: $82.95

ORIVeDA Reishi Primo Extract ORIVeDA Reishi Primo Extract | Lingzhi

Concentrated premium mushroom extract that supports the cardiovascular system.

Our Price: $75.95